Aunt Severe and the Dragons - Andersen Press, 2010

I started writing this in 1989, wasn't happy with it, put it away, tinkered with it a little more until 1995, then stopped working on it for close to ten years after a very rude letter from a publisher, who told me it was far too long and what did I think I was doing submitting it. But I couldn't forget it, so eventually I went at it again, tightening it up and removing anything that slowed the story down. This time, when I sent it out, it caught the eye of Catherine Pellegrino, who not long after became my agent. And within a year she had found a publisher.

And released as an audio book.

The illustrations are by Nick Maland, who also illustrated - among many others - a book I love: Big Blue Whale.


It was even translated into Turkish.